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Looking for a new way to show off your love for pups? California Canine is the best place to shop online for pawsome apparel for people and dogs and unique gifts. We carry men’s and women’s tee’s, tanks, hoodies, caps and dog tanks, collars, leashes, bandana’s and more for proud pooch owners who have a passion for their pup and an exciting lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for something cute or cool – we have a lot of choices! If you’re heading to the dog park, a mountain hike, the beach, stand up paddling, or to your favorite restaurant, strut in style with California Canine! Shipping is quick, so you can start living the California Canine lifestyle, which is easy to wear and always gets noticed!

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California Canine Dream: Gifts for Dog Lovers in CA and Beyond

When we think of California, we often think of warm weather and sandy beaches. What about the Golden State’s furry friends? California Canine is a company that specializes in designing unique gifts for dog lovers. Our products are made for those who love their dogs to the fullest extent and want to show them off with pride. We started with this line to express how happy and grateful we are for our furry friends. Being able to experience the luxury of natural beauty and a friendly CA vibe while sharing it with our canine friends is such a wonderful thing. We want to extend these great moments with you!
With these four-legged friends always on our side, we learned fun ways of raising people’s awareness about the affection dogs unconditionally give and need. With the shirts and many other exciting dog merchandise that we have, let us make wherever you are a more California Canine place.

A Whole New Fashion Trend: California Dog Apparel and Custom Dog Merchandise

Our team proudly presents to you an exclusive line of California dog apparel designed specifically with California pride and customers’ satisfaction in mind. We know how great it feels when you wear a piece of clothing that is both symbolic and stylish. That is why we created these matching dog and owner accessories and clothing designs. Our products are carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality and comfort. We offer only the best brands in this industry. We have doggie sweatshirts, dog-themed hoodies, custom dog shirts, dog-themed mesh caps, and dog-themed beach towels ready for an order you’ll surely love.
Also, our shirts and hoodies pair well with our dog bandanas and tank tops. Our clothing is ideal for everyday wear. It will also make your pet look it’s best as well as fashionable on any specific occasion. Add our fantastic dog accessories to your collection: the heavy-duty dog collars and leashes, will take you on one of the most comfortable walks of your life.

Dog Lover Gifts: for Him, for Her and for the Little Ones

What should you get for the dog lovers in your life? We have plenty of gift options for every pet owner that you know. Ahead you’ll find products and designs that will certainly solve your gift-hunt. Our graphic dog tees and other custom merchandise suit all ages and tastes. From our unique and comfortable doggie t-shirts for men and women to our dog-themed baby clothes and puppy shirts for kids. We are confident that our products will serve your fulfillment and needs! Show your love for your puppies and friends with our exceptional dog apparel!
Stay pawsitively stylish anytime with the playful, fun, expressive clothing from California Canine! California Canine has it all; love the beach? … check out our “Surfs Up” design, love surfing? …spot our “Surf Dog” design, Do VW buses remind you of summer? …let your puppy eyes muse on “Beach or Bust” or “Road Trip”, Are you a Beatles fan? …our “Rescue Road design gets raves of tail wags, love your neighbourhood walks? …have some fun with “Locals”, Do you like your love of pups to be seen in plain black and white? … then you should rep “My Dog Is My Happy Place”, “Got Dogs” and “You Had Me At Woof”!

More than Dog Clothing and Doggie Shirts

Because we know how important dogs are to your lives, we created our custom shirt designs with lots of love and inspiration for all the dogs out there! Our dog-themed t-shirt designs contain cool and yet meaningful messages. We have plenty of canine-themed designs to offer! Simple, funny dog shirts to boost your mood and meet your shopping needs:

Our Original and first famous product design. This design features the Golden Dog, which replaces the bear in the Golden State of California Flag.
At California Canine it is so important that we give attention to the wonderful dogs we find through our Rescue Organizations. “All They Need is Love!” is a design which evokes a truth about these dogs that everyone should hear.
This design expresses one thought that we all share: “My Dog is My Happy Place.”
Here the Golden Dog in the Golden State of California shows how much fun this is! The Volkswagen Bus tee is an icon that stands for peace, love, freedom, and adventure.
The sun. The sand. Waves crashing ashore. Surf’s Up design will make your time on the beach more fun and memorable.
California is a state of outdoor activities and Surfing ranks high on that list. In this design the Golden Dog of the Golden State of California has paddled out and is hanging loose as many great dogs in California do!
You had Me at Woof design is something to remind us of the captivating depth and simplicity of love that only dogs can give.
This design conveys something we all know too well: what an incredible feeling to come home after a long day to loving pets! You know that old saying, “everyone loves a dog?” Well, this icon will say that even louder.
Your folks at the California Canine know that all dogs like to be festive for Christmas! That’s why we have created a holiday-themed collection of doggie accessories so you and your pup can share winter holidays together.
Let us help you express the appreciation and love that you feel towards your four-legged friends. With a lot of love and happiness throughout the year, California Canine is here for you. Together, let us share this happiness that we have!

Keep on spreading this message by putting on something that you mean. Wear our animal rescue clothing and let the people around you know one important thing about you – your genuine love for dogs. It is indeed one small thing, but undoubtedly, it is a huge help.


Is putting clothes on dogs cruel?

It isn’t cruel to put clothes on dogs, as long as you are confident you are not posing any harm to your pet. You understand your dog’s temperament better than anyone. Just make sure there are no hazards if ever you choose to go for it. Leaving clothes on for a long time may cause the animal to overheat or become tangled. A less intrusive garment like a bandana may be okay. However, you must carefully observe for signs of discomfort and stress when your dog is wearing clothes.

How to measure a dog for clothes?

Here three simple tips you can do when measuring your dog for clothes:
  • Get your dog groomed before measuring.
More often set aside, grooming our dogs before doing anything to measure its size is essential for an accurate measurement. It’s also better if you can remove the dog’s collar and smoothen its fur using a brush.
  • Measure the dog’s back.
Have the dog stand for the measurement. Hold the other end of a tape measure at the base of the dog’s neck on the top of its back, just right where the collars usually are, then pull the measuring tape towards the tail’s base.
  • Adjust the measurement.
For male dogs, the measurement from tail to collar must be cut down. Clothes for male canines that do not have a cut-out design for the belly and groin area are needed to be adjusted shorter. These will lessen the chances of the cloth being urinated on the underside.

At what temperature does a dog need a coat?

When temperatures begin to drop below 45°F, some breeds will get uncomfortable and will need defense. For owners of small breeds, older dogs, puppies, or thin-haired breeds, whenever the temperature outside is below 32°F, dog sweaters or coats are needed.

How to measure a dog for a coat?

Measure the dog’s back length from the withers (back of the neck) to the tail’s base. Girth is the widest portion around your dog’s chest. Though coats can be adjusted, you need to ensure the coat will still properly close.

How to measure your dog for a harness?

Use the measurement and your dog’s weight to find the right size. Take note of your dog’s weight and measurement and take these details with you to the pet merchandise shop. You will need this in choosing the best size of harness for dogs. Don’t forget to look for a harness larger by about two inches than the measurement you took. Also, check the weight range. If your dog’s weight is within the indicated weight on the package, then you’ve found a suitable harness.

How to measure dog length?

Measuring from nose-to-tail tip gives you the dog’s literal length. This however, is not what you need to provide when asked for your dog’s length. To get the most accurate measurement, flatten the tape measure across your dog’s back. Follow after its spine until you come to reach the tail’s base. Take note of the measurement exactly where the tail meets the body.

Dog clothes size chart by breed

EXTRA SMALL Common Breeds: Chihuahua, Toy PoodleNECK: 5.5″ | BACK: 7″ | CHEST: 12″
SMALL Common Breeds: Beagle, Cocker SpanielNECK: 6.5″ | BACK: 9″ | CHEST: 15″
MEDIUM Common Breeds: Pug, DalmatianNECK: 8″ | BACK: 13″ | CHEST: 19″
LARGE Common Breeds: Boxer, German ShepherdNECK: 10″ | BACK: 17″ | CHEST: 24″
EXTRA LARGE Common Breeds: Mastiff, Great DaneNECK: 13.5″ | BACK: 20″ | CHEST: 29″

Matching Dog and Owner Shirt, Cute Dog Accessories and the Right Place to Look for Them


In addition to its scenic natural beauty, its surf, and cultural feel it is also a haven for every dog lover. This is due to our personalized canine apparel shop! You don’t have to strain yourself when looking for the finest dog accessory to spice up your furry friend’s daily charm. Our shop prides itself on a unique and must-have doggy collection to make your dog much more adorable and eye-catching in their daily walks. We have t-shirts, tank tops, outerwear, dog gear, and other exciting accessories. All of these high-quality canine-themed items are always available at our shop!

Enjoy the best of California with our promising doggie-themed products. Choose from a variety of quality items at our store. Whatever it is you are looking for, chances are -we’ve got the answer! For inquiries, call us at 858-336-9343 or mail us thru suzie@californiacanine.net. Happy Shopping!

Hassle Free Shipping Guarantee! Amazing Dog Accessories From Our Store to Your Front Door

We understand that it is difficult to find a shop with the perfect present for your furry best friend. That’s why we are always doing our best to give you the highest quality shopping experience. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your dog-loving pals or maybe for yourself, then we are more than happy to make the work much easier for you. We have a gift for dog lovers that will be perfect for someone on your list.

You’re just a few clicks away from your dream doggie fashion. Just add to the cart the product of your choice and don’t worry any more of the stressful shipping issues. With us, you’ll get what you deserve. Smooth, fast and easy! Checkout your orders now!