Our Story

California!  Eureka!  The home of Hollywood, Disneyland, Beaches, Palm Trees, Sun & Surf, Half-Pipe’s and Half Dome’s, Farms that feed the World, and the list goes on!  Gosh it’s great to live here!  So when we were reminded in a real God-moment that we share all of this with our best Canine friends, California Canine was born.

California Canines are different.  Our California Canines are a partying group, and they go everywhere!  It is our hope to share the fun our Canines have in this great state  through the work of our amazingly creative  designers.

We started with the vanguard of our line, the Original California Flag replication where we dumped the bear and placed the Golden Dog for the Golden State of California.  From there, keeping with the state flag design, we moved on to other Canine activities.  As our seasons change (sort of), so will our designs reflecting activities, life-styles, dogs friends, and more.  So watch this site and be the first to wear our new releases as they come available.  Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites, or this sites registration page and we will keep you informed as to what our California Canines are up to next!

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please fill out the form below or contact Suzie directly.  She can be reached at suzie@californiacanine.net