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California is a state of outdoor activities and Surfing ranks high on that list.  Here the Golden Dog for the Golden State of California has paddled out and is hanging loose as many of these great dogs in California do!  Get compliments while looking cool wearing this one of a kind!

This is an amazing fun hat designed for comfort and looks.  You will see smiles on the faces of everyone you meet.  Truly a fun dog-themed mesh cap!

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To see some of our friends surfing, go to Rose Parade Surfing Dog Float after you order.

Surf Dog Mesh Cap is an item with a unique, fun look with a breathable mesh, your new favorite summer accessory. It's lightweight, breathable, and stylish. You'll love how it feels on your head, and you can wear it all day long without feeling like you're wearing anything at all!

This hat will keep you cool in the heat of summer while also looking great with any outfit. Whether you're going to work or hanging out by the pool, this hat has got you covered!

The mesh-back and comfortable material make it the perfect hat for dog lovers. Whether you are on the beach hanging out with dogs, a fishing excursion, or a hot summer day in search of a thrill.

Get ready to color life to its fullest and be seen in glory with this fun hat! Perfect for those hot active summer days or for wear on cold winter mornings when a lovely dog cuddles on your lap, we've got the ideal hats to boost your style.

You will finally be able to represent your love for dogs and surfing. Stylishly keep that sweaty forehead dry while shielding your eyes from the sun with this breathable mesh cap.

Protecting against UV rays and infection is essential when you spend time with your dog outside in California! That is why we made this ultimate accessory for active dog-owner who are serious about protecting their face from harmful sun damage. For the person who loves evenings on the trails with his favorite canine companion, keep a cool head by wearing our mesh cap design with a classic look but also durable enough to protect them during outdoor activities of any kind!

The threads are made to slide and not break when it goes through brushy or woody areas. Warm, durable, and versatile, this is a high-quality cap that can keep you dry in all your favorite activities. With the option to fold up or wear with bill out or turned down, this hat provides versatility for whatever occasion might come. Plus, the mesh fabric on the top will allow air circulation during those hot days, so it's never too warm but still keeps your head protected from sunburn.

You will be the envy of your breed when you wear this mesh cap, unmatched in its categories by any other brand. We've combined comfortability and fashion, so you don't have to choose between the two!

Our Surf Dog mesh cap is a great, fun hat designed for your happiness and comfort. Made with 100% durable woven mesh, this ventilated cap will keep you cool while warding off the sun. Choose the color that you want: Black, Gray, or Gun Metal Blue.

This hat is also made of lightweight material; you will forget that you are even wearing one! It's an excellent choice for those days when it's blazing hot outside, and you want fashion. This cap has a sleek mesh design, along with ventilation and a stretch fit - perfect for keeping your cool while being stylish.

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Weight.25 lbs

Black, Gray, Gun Metal Blue, White


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