Terms of Use and Privacy

By purchasing California-Canine.com Enterprise’s products or using the website or services, you agree to the use of your personal data in accordance with the following conditions. California-Canine.com Enterprises may be referred to as “California-Canine.com” or the “Company” and Customers or prospective Customers may be referred to as the “Customer” for the purpose of this document.

Customer Privacy

California-Canine.com Enterprise is committed to ensuring Customer privacy and recognizes the need for the protection and confidentiality of all sensitive personal data and information. “Personal Data” shall mean any data relating to an identifiable person. The Company will make all provisions to ensure the confidentiality of personal data to protect the Customer’s privacy.

Data Collection

For the proper execution of services, California-Canine.com may collect both personal data, included but not limited to name, payment details, address, and non-personal data for the execution of the Company’s services.

From time to time, non-personal data may be analyzed to help improve the visitor’s experience and help the Company to establish a deeper understanding of the Customer trends and website activity. California-Canine.com may use non-personal data to create marketing materials, statistics or for administration purposes provided that it does not disclose or suggest the identity of an individual.

Data Sharing and Security

California-Canine.com agrees not to share personal or non-personal data with third party providers unless the Company receives express consent from the Customer. Customers can choose not to provide California-Canine.com with personal data, but this may result in the Customer being unable to make orders from the website.

All data will be stored on a secure server and California-Canine.com will make all reasonable provisions to ensure the safety and confidentiality of Customer personal data. The Company will also endeavour to prevent any unauthorized access to the data, and prevent unlawful or immoral use of the information. Personal data may be stored on the Company’s servers for a period of time after the sale of goods or termination of the contract.