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California Canine Dog-Printed Collar


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Heavy-duty dye sublimated Collar, with the Surf Dog and the exterior and California Canine exhibited on the interior. Heavy-duty hardware.

Small - 14 inches
Medium - 20 inches
Large - 32 inches

*All sizes are adjustable.

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Surf Dog California Canine Collar is every dog's go-to collar. They are heavy duty and made to last! Available in three different colors: black, pink, and blue. Choose the size that fits well to your dog. We surely have one!

The California Canine Surf Dog Collars are the ideal collar for any pup that loves to get out and enjoy all that life has to offer. From surfing in Santa Cruz, bodysurfing with your buddies, going on a walk, or running along the ocean beach or sand dunes at Laguna Beach - our surfer pups deserve some fancy hardware! Meet your surf dog's new best friend!

Lightweight even during the wettest days. The Surf Dog California Canine Collar is an easy-wash, comfortable alternative to your basic nylon collar with a fun design for out and about! 

Indeed a perfect collar for the water-loving pup! The lightweight nylon material will not drag their fur in the sand or surf, making it an ideal choice when you're out with your pup, keeping your dog looking good! This makes it an ideal choice when you're out with your pup on the beach or by the pool! 

These collars make great gifts as well. All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and pride, meaning that you can be sure your order will last for a long time to come!   You'll be sure to find the right collar when you visit our site!

Your dog will be feeling more comfortable and happy because he can enjoy his time outside without being bothered by the leash around his neck all day long. You'll also love how easy this collar is to clean - simply wipe off with soap and warm water after playing at home or near saltwater shores and then hang up dry (or allow to air dry).

The Surf Dog California Canine Collar is perfect because it has an extra-long strap, so there is no need to worry about choking hazards or if he can't breathe when playing outside in the sun! It's hard to find a dog leash that will help ease the pressure on your puppy's neck and make him feel more comfortable. You'll have to spend some time looking for one. If you want a lightweight collar that won't drag fur in the sand, water, or surf, then this design from Surf Dogs would be just what you're looking for. It also comes in beautiful colors like blue and pink, making them ideal gift ideas for those who love dogs!

A good choice of dog collar should fit comfortably around your pup's neck without putting too much pressure on him. You want one that won't get tangled up quickly because it could choke him, pull his fur out, or break skin open with its rough edges. This means that you'll have to be really careful in choosing the dog collar you want.

If it is a cheap model, chances are that it will be cheaply made, and the strap won't last very long. You'll also have to worry about choking hazards with this type of dog collar too because there's not much room for size adjustment, so if your pup grows or gets heavier, he might start having trouble breathing due to the constriction around his neck. That can lead to some serious discomfort!

You don't have anything to worry about when purchasing our Surf Dog California Collar, though - they come in beautiful colors like blue and pink, making them perfect gift ideas for those who love dogs. They're durable enough so that your pet never has any issues while playing outside.

A man's best friend deserves one of the industry's finest. The ultimate in canine prestige, the Surf Dog California Canine Collar features heavy-duty hardware and a design combining aesthetic style with pedigree bragging rights.

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