Dog Movies List

Milo and Otis – an adorable kitten aollection and a silly pub enjoy fun and adventure and warm your hearts!

Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks and a very friendly / slobbery French Mastiff.   Not a dog person??  Maybe you just need the right dog!!

Lassie – the sub-line is, Best Friends are forever.  Lassie is the dog of dogs, friend, protector, great communicator and able to exhibit love!  A great feel good movie!

Lady and the Tramp – such a great Disney movie and one of if not the first movie to bring up the fact that all dogs deserve a home, a stray should not be left on the street to fend for itself.  This movie is beautiful in its animation and its story.

Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey – this is one of my favorites and I could watch it every week.  It’s hysterical, a great adventure, and extremely touching all in one movie!

Also, watch the original from 1963 “The Incredible Journey” it’s the original and full of all the emotion and joy of the newer one we are all so familiar with.

All Dogs Go To Heaven – A great oldie but goodie family movie that lets us see the amazing compassion that can be shown in both people and dogs.

Beethoven, 2nd, and 3rd!  These are such funny movies that show us how much fun life can be with a dog!  And when it’s a giant dog it can even be more fun!

UP!!  Not just a film about dogs, but Dug is one of the most lovable dogs ever and a key component in the relationship between Mr. Fredrickson and Russel!!!  Touching!

K 9 – An awesome movie about a working dog, Jerry Lee, that works with the police force to track down an elusive criminal   This movie really displays the intelligence of some dogs and their ability to work with a human counterpart and not only display affection, but do their job even in the face of danger.

The original animated 101 Dalmatian’s – a great film that shows family, commitment, and love all while taking us on an exciting adventure with Cruell De Vil as the villain!

Marley and Me – a heartwarming movie that displays the ups and downs of dog ownership.  It’s all rewarding, but it’s now always easy!

Old Yeller – Too sad for some, but a classic from 1957!  This movie centers around the relationship between a dog and a boy set in the late 1800’s.  The film highlights the love dogs can give and the good they bring out in people, it also painfully shows the pain of losing a dog, but helps us remember that our memories are worth it!

Coming soon A Dogs Purpose!