Research has shown for the past 25 years that living with a pet improves and lowers your blood pressure. There are very few relationships in life that are unconditional, and being the parent of a pet is so fulfilling and soothing that the benefits allow our whole bodies to relax. Many holistic people say instead of blood pressure medicine try owning a pet first and see the results!

Pets also lessen anxiety in people’s lives in many ways. People that are anxious about being alone have a dedicated companion, people afraid to go out by themselves can take their best friend and always have someone to talk to. Anxiousness can be overcome by petting a dog and feeling them lean into you, or a wet nuzzle or just having your pet sit by you.

Coming home from work and seeing the friendly face of our pets can help us forget the traffic and the problems at work and destress!

Having a pet and taking care of them gives us a good feeling and enriching ourselves. We can feel successful just by having a happy, healthy pet.

As people get older having a pet gives them a reason to get up and get going, walking a dog gives elderly people not only a purpose, but exercise and companionship. Also, being a pet owner makes us happy, confident, and loved!