The concept of California Canine came in a dream. My husband and I had never even entertained the idea of starting a dog-related company, but the dream came and it could not be ignored. At that time we had no idea what the dog industry was all about, except for healthy dog food, dogs that were available for adoption and veterinary check ups! What we discovered was a whole new world! We set out to design tee shirts that we were passionate about and after two years have found a vast industry centered around man’s
and woman’s best friends! We love dogs and we love dog-people, people who are enthusiastic about the wellbeing of these amazing four legged family members!

So, we set out to design tee shirts based on the California Flag, by replacing the bear with dogs, and now we are engaged in the business of celebrating the canines that we love by showing the amazing lifestyles dogs have and giving back to
rescues, animal centers and fostering organizations!

We hope that through our apparel for people and for dogs we show our enthusiasm and desire for all dogs to have a loving home and for all people to cherish the friendship, love, compassion, and security that dogs bring to our lives!